Babies See Dead People

What’s going on SHs … we got a good one for ya. It was a busy week for the Crew. Duffman got back from Disney World and is dealing with that post-vacay funk we all experience so much. Fresh had to try and install a caviar tub in a sardine house. But Mr Orange got em both beat cause he spent the episode, hell the better part of the week, with peas on his balls recovering from #NoMoreOranges. Crapper stopped by again to quiz the boys on the NBA Finals, DM tells of the one and only time he saw the Magic Eye, Fresh and Mr. O talk about their synesthesia whilst taking the #zenchallenge, DM is back on the workout train, Fresh is still geeking on using WeedMaps, and then the whole episode turned into a Deep in Da Out House when DM & Mr. O started talking about babies seeing ghosts in other dimensions, DM seeing ghosts in his crib, and a spirt that attacked Mr. O. Phew! That was a mouthfull. So your mom might like this epiosode. Mom jokes never get old. Enjoy SHs!!

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