Da Mountain House Special Edition

Hey SHs, welcome to the first special edition of SSDT! The crew packed up the familes and headed to Da Mountain House for the weekend. They had to install a water heater (Thanks Fresh!) but after that it was about relaxing and enjoying nature. Fresh brought a BB gun and after some intial hesitation to try it Mama KGB unloaded a clip in the target like the sleeper KGB agent Mr. Orange fears she might be. We keep telling him to stop watching The Americans. The kids disappeared all weekend and came back with some fish like boys should, Mr. Orange and Hollywood Nikki channeled some old Jeff Foxworthy jokes, and Mr. Orange talked about some weird fears pertaining to his upcoming vasectomy. The wine & beer flowed, the smoked never cleared, and The SSDT Crew plus wives put together a funny special edition for you. Enjoy SHs!

Listen on iTunes via the Podcast App here: SSDT

Listen via Podbean here: SSDT

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