#009 Time to Get Away

Everyone needs a break now and then. It’s good for your mind, spirit, and body. Whether you like the mountains, the beach, or if your get away spot is hobbies and passions, everyone needs some time and space to decompress. Mr. Orange took two of the little oranges, Tangelo & Mandarin, up to ‘Da Mountain House for a little R&R this week. Fresh got away from the hustle & bustle with a trip to Opening Day in Oakland. Poor Duffman though had to stop getting away from work and returned for the first time since ‘Lil Mac arrived and he picked up a toy to help teach his son about work. The Crew lets you in on a few of the ways they like to get away and talk about the importance of it all. Oh… and there’s keg tossing, a wheelchair, and Mr. Orange. What could go wrong?

Listen on iTunes via the Podcast App here: SSDT

Listen via Podbean here: SSDT



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