#007 Mac … Baby Mac

Well he finally showed up. 10 days later Baby Mac is here and Duffman couldn’t be more excited. We had to patch him into ‘Da Out House via phone this week cause Hollywood and Baby are still at the hospital. Everyone is healthy and doing wonderful. More to come in a special Baby edition soon. After Duffman gave us the quick rundown Mr Orange wanted to get back to the social media & kids conversation. Seems he took some of his own advice and talked to his kids some more about social media and they reached a new understanding. Fresh has been waiting for months to play a new game and it finally dropped about the same time we wrapped this show up. And finally, Stephen Hawking passed this week and we visit his advice to his kids. Enjoy SH!

Listen on iTunes via the Podcast App here: SSDT

Listen via Podbean here: SSDT

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