#006 The Gunslingers


Howdy ya’ll and welcome to our homestead, ‘Da Out house! We had six shooters going off and arrows flying all over this week. The FOB was Westerns and it started a debate, who is the best Western actor? Kurt Russel is leading the charge with three movies on this bracket. And this is the most professional, articulate, and properly graded movie bracket in all the land. Duffman still has no child. Maybe Baby Mac stuck his head out on Feb 2 and said “nope… six more weeks of pregnancy”. Smart kid cause Duffman is already thinking of what baby chores he’s going to have and in typical Dad fashion it’s just a ploy for something bigger. Fresh has some advice for convenience store clerks on a Fresh Take. Mr. Orange makes sure Duffman doesn’t insult Netflix so that future pilot money doesn’t evaporate. Speaking of Netflix, remember when you had to go down to the movie store to rent movies? Duffman remembers. Mr. Orange has a movie memory too but it involves one Ms. Stone and a beaver. Finally the guys cleaned it up long enough to talk about kids and social media. Has social media killed a young person’s desire to get a driver’s license? Do we truly understand how important social media is to our kids? We might not have all the answers but we’re gonna throw ’em at you anyway. Enjoy SH!

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