SSDT #005


It’s been 21 years since Game 5 of the NBA Finals, a game that went on to be known as “The Flu Game”. And here on SSDT #005 Mr. Orange declared early that he would not let this sickness get him and that it was time for his own flu game. The flu wasn’t the only health topic today. Kevin Smith had a heart attack. The news about Silent Bob vs. The Silent Killer bummed Duffman out and he is not taking it lightly. None of us should. Get your tickers checked SHs. Despite these maladies the Crew found plenty to be happy and thankful about this week. Fresh got a raise! Duffman was left feeling a bit uncomfortable meeting his wife’s baby doctor for the first time and that was before Mama KGB busted in just as he was getting pretty descriptive about what happened with the Dr. this week. And don’t get him started about his First World problems trying to watch a movie during the day. We wrapped things up with a great message of hope at the end as we always do because in life you gotta keep marching, you gotta take care of yourself, and you gotta enjoy the time in between. Enjoy!

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