SSDT #004


Fletch Come Back. This isn’t an attempt to reboot Chevy Chase’s career, Duffman issued a plea for the Man in Tan to return to ‘Da Out House. And after hearing Duffman channel some pretty scary guys he might want to consider it. No one wants to wake up with a horse head in their bed, ya feel? That’s right S#!t Heads it’s Gangsta’ FOB time and let us tell you, Duffman nailed it, know wha-I’m sayin’? None other than two of the greatest gangsters ever, Bill The Butcher and Tony Montana, stop by to offer Fresh some advice. And he certainly channeled some of their energy cause he unleashes on Nike during his new segment, A Fresh Take on S#!t. A freak storm forces Duffman to wonder if he and Roger Rabbit might be neighbors. Mr Orange has some advice for you fellas about helping your significant other calm down. Not saying you should try it with your wife, your girlfriend, hell your boyfriend if that’s how you roll, but apparently it works on Mama KGB. Argentinians couldn’t care less about The Big D as the ‘Hoe for tha Logo’ Duffman learned from Mr. Orange. And finally we had to start a rules list in ‘Da Out House. No more #@$h for the DJ. By the end of the podcast he got his twitter right, didn’t he?



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