SSDT #003

SSDT #003

No FOB? No problem! We played a little trivia and used the extra time to chat. Mr Orange had to issue an apology for his actions on #002 and then Mama KGB tried to make him have to issue another. Speaking of Mama KGB, Mr Orange passed out some Save The Dates for the wedding to save some postage. Having bought waaaay to many he needed to save some money. Do you think spring time smells like cum? Duffman and Mr O’s co-worker both believe so. Who knew? And apparently Mr Orange is afraid of the impending robot revolution … but Duffman is afraid of his BobBot already. Thankfully it wasn’t running when the SSDT crew got together at Duffman’s new house for a baby shower. And it’s a nice house I tell ya. Greatest house ever. We’ve never seen a greater house. Make Houses Great Again.


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